Stephen Spangler Dr. Steve Spangler is a licensed clinical psychologist who received his Sc.D. from Boston University in 1985 and a M.Ed. from Boston College in 1974. Between degrees he raised his family and was employed as a clinician and administrator for educational collaboratives and South Shore Mental Health Center.

Dr. Spangler has worked at Mass Bay Counseling, formerly the Delphi Center of Quincy, since 1985 as an owner, a therapist, and clinical director specializing in behavioral medicine. Professional areas of expertise are: anxiety, personality, and adjustment disorders; depression; substance abuse and addictions; vocational counseling; couples therapy; and chronic pain management.

Dr. Spangler has advanced training in Schema Therapy for personality disorders, especially Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders. He also works with couples and provides cognitive and behavioral therapy to an adult and geriatric population. He also has expertise in substance abuse treatment. Over the years, he has presented at conferences, written journal articles, and taught graduate students at Boston University.

Dr. Spangler demonstrates empathy, patience, and skill to encourage his clients to learn they are in control of their thoughts and actions. This enables them to have less anxiety and depression, better health, and maintain stronger interpersonal relationships.

When not at MBC, Dr. Spangler enjoys sailing competitively, spending time with his family, and attending theater in Boston.

Please note that most insurance panels list him as Arthur S. Spangler, Jr.