“What is to give light must endure burning.”  – Victor Frankl

MassBay Quincy StaffMass Bay Counseling of Quincy, then known as The Delphi Center of Quincy came into existence in 1982. It was founded by licensed psychologist, Ronald G. Hersch, Ph.D. Dr. Hersch sold the practice in 1988 to four therapists that worked for him: Mr. John J. Plunkett, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who joined the practice in 1984; Dr. Stephen Spangler, Sc.D., a Licensed Psychologist who joined in 1985; Dr. Candice Porter, Ph.D., also a Licensed Psychologist who joined in 1987 and Ms. Martha Arthur, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who joined in 1986. These four, with Mr. Plunkett as the Managing Partner, formed the nucleus that would turn the practice into one of the most successful private group practices on the South Shore with gross receipts consistently in excess of $1.2 million per year.

In 1990, the practice changed its name to Mass Bay Counseling of Quincy and entered into a joint venture with Mass Bay Counseling, PC of Marshfield, a former Delphi Center. The two practices collaborated in contracting with the state to bring the parent-divorce education program, Parents Apart, to four South Shore locations. Parents Apart is now solely owned by MBC of Quincy and is offered in Quincy, Brockton and Barnstable. The two practices now operate completely independently.

The philosophy of the practice was based upon having a model that would combine the best aspects of working in an agency with the benefits of the private practice model. This allows seasoned professionals to operate in a true team approach without the burden of excessive meetings, paperwork and bureaucracy. Through regular case conferences, the clinical team coordinates treatment as it is not unusual to have a number of different clinicians working with multiple family members. This model also provides the therapist the freedom to shape their own practice and set their own schedule. The model requires a highly efficient, in-house, computerized billing system and a well-trained support staff to assure the capture of incoming calls being greeted with live answering and appointment immediacy. The model is designed to insure that therapists spend the majority of their time doing therapy. As much as possible, all else is done by support staff. Third party billing collection rates are consistently in the high 90 percentile.

Since the average tenure of MBC of Quincy clinicians is more than 12 years, clients are frequently delighted to return and find the same clinician that assisted them with a different problem years earlier.